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Why GRE/TOEFL scores being cancelled

In recent times cancelling/Unavailable of the GRE and TOEFL scores become very common, ETS is imposing strict measures to maintain its's credibility at the universities. in these days getting 300+ in GRE is very common because of the fraudulent practices. Because of the pandemic ETS gave the option for the student to write the exam in the home, most of the students misused this option with the proxy. ETS will definitely see the patterns in the test scores if they found any changes ETS will definitely cancel the score or will make it unavailable to send the scores to the universities. Will GRE help in getting the scholarship & VISA Scholarship depends on the overall profile of the applicant like your academics, OR and your SOP. so we recommend students not to write GRE using fraudulent methods. if your university waived of GRE please utilize that's opportunity. Also GRE is not mandatory to get the VISA, you can say to the VISA officer that your university has waived of GRE at the time your VISA interview.

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