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No Shortcuts for USA F1 VISA

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Introduction : In this blog we will see the best practices to attend the USA VISA Interview in other words called as F1 VISA interview. and what we have to avoid while attending the VISA interviews.

As on date (05-01-2023) 1,25,000 student visas in 2022 these are the numbers officially release by the US embassy . Even the issued student visa number is high still most the applicants are waiting for the VISA dates. State Department Spokesperson Ned Price said the US issued more student visas in fiscal year 2022 than in any year since 2016. (Click here to read the full article). and as per the record the USA consulate is committed to issue more number of F1 VISA this year.

Best Practice for F1 VISA Interview:

The best practice to attend the F1 VISA interview is to submit the genuine documents. by submitting the genuine documents it improves the self confidence and you can answer the questions with more perfection. Most common fear in the students is about their Gap after studies, as per the USA Visa counselor interview in TV5 news Channel (Click here to watch the Interview) he mentioned ""that's ok to have the gap"" . the student has to explain very clearly about the gap rather than covering up with some fake experience. bottom line we have to attend the interview with all genuine documents related to your studies, financial documents and Work experience ( if you have work experience).

Most Common Mistake in F1 VISA Interview:

1. Trying to cover the Gap with fake experience and fake course certificates

2.Trying to submit fake educational documents

3.Submitting the Fake financials like Fake bank loan letter and Fake saving letter.

Mistakes About Financial Documents & Educational Documents:

The above mentioned are the most common and silly things a student will do while attending the F1 VISA interview which will give the negative impact on the VISA Outcome. The VISA counselor is well trained and will easily identify that the documents are fake in a single glance so better not to submit those documents. and regarding bank loan letters there are so many financial institutions which are ready to give the genuine bank loan letter based on your profile and CBIL ratings,utilize those opportunities and submit the genuine bank loan letters which will improve your VISA chances. Please try to apply for bank loan using the below links. HDFC Credilla : Auxillo : Avanse :

Some of the student who haven't finished the Course in INDIA will attend the F1 VISA interview by editing the documents or by reducing the backlogs this will be considered as serious crime by the USA VISA counsellor if they find out they might put a criminal case and surrender your passport in the Nearest police station. The students who are attending the F1 VISA Interview like this are missing the simple logic here , if they cant finish the course in INDIA how come they can finish the masters in USA. Course structure will be bit difficult when compared to INDIA. so i suggest please only apply(to MS) after completing your Bachelors Degree.


1, Submit the Genuine Documents (educational & Financial) 2.Get full information about the University and course

3.Prepare well for the Interview

4.Try not to fill the Gap with Fake work experience. (explain the VISA officer why there is a Gap).

by following the above steps the VISA chances will improve . if you need guidance on getting the perfect university list please click here . or if you need VISA Mock Interview guidance and Free counselling sessions please click here

Thanks & Regrds A Kranthi Kiran CEO @ First Fruit Consulting Khammam

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